An Exceptional Man?

I don’t consider myself to be an exceptional man.  Really, I don’t.  I’m a middle-aged, middle-class wage slave and suburban dad.  I feel that if I can do something, anything really, it must not be THAT hard to do, and that anyone could do it. Except…the more I see of other people – my contemporaries […]

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Eight Years Ago

I just got the little trophy from WordPress that congratulated me for having been a Word Presser (?) for eight years.  Eight years.  I signed up in May 2008.  Man, a lot has changed in eight years. I had a MySpace account.  But the decency to be embarrassed about it.  MySpace was still a place […]

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I’m Fascinated by Flying

I am endlessly fascinated by flying…utterly transfixed by the view from 31,000 feet.  As I write this, I’m watching a quilt of orange pin-pricks float by on a black canvas of – Kentucky, probably, or Tennessee.  At altitude, at night, everything seems close and tiny, as though skimming just above a doll’s world. Even better, […]

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Bicycling. (Yes, again.)

It’s December 22.  It’s winter.   But…since I live in Florida I went for a bicycle ride.  It’s like, 80 degrees outside and sunny, with a nice breeze that’s no so nice when it’s in my face trying to stop me from pedaling. But I digress. I like to ride at least ten miles when […]

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I’ve Been to Disney

When I was a kid, someone gave me a Viewmaster, with a – wait, if you’re too young to know what a Viewmaster is, it essentially a stereoscope, with a disc of little slides that you look through and see a 3D picture. Okay, sorry. Someone gave me a Viewmaster, and one of the discs […]

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Not So Merry Christmas

Christmas is bearing down on me again, like a dump truck headed for a wide-eyed rabbit.  This will be my second Christmas in Florida, and once again the sight of poinsettias growing outdoors in flowerbeds is freaking me out.  In the North, I always wondered why they were the Christmas flower, as they are utterly, […]

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