Five Levels of Poop

Poop.  It comes out of all of us.  Kardashians poop. Trump poops — lately from his mouth as well.  People still hesitate to talk about it, though.  It’s kind of a taboo subject in polite company, even though it’s something everybody has in common. More recently, we ate some pizza over the 4th of July that […]

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I started jogging this month.  Again. I started jogging last year…before we moved to this neighborhood, before my oldest kid started high school.  I went out every other morning, and my goal was to be able to jog a mile without stopping.  I didn’t get there.  And when my son started school, I had to […]

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Stupid and Aggressive

I’m not sure if I’m going to make it through the next year, here in Florida.  It’s the people…I’m not sure if they’ve always been like this and I just haven’t seen it, or if they’re actually getting worse.  There’s no polite way to say it… …They’re goddamn stupid, and violently, aggressively defensive about their […]

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Bicycling. (Yes, again.)

It’s December 22.  It’s winter.   But…since I live in Florida I went for a bicycle ride.  It’s like, 80 degrees outside and sunny, with a nice breeze that’s no so nice when it’s in my face trying to stop me from pedaling. But I digress. I like to ride at least ten miles when […]

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Tracks of my Life, Part 2

So at the end of Part 1 we had just moved to Indiana so my wife could attend Purdue.  It was 1996, I was 26, and we spent the next five years there.  It was a bad time for me. Marilyn Manson So I remember seeing Marilyn Manson in an interview, and they seemed like drugged-out […]

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Tracks of my Life, Part 1

I can divide my life into different sections — eras, or chapters, or something. Most people can, I suppose, if they decide to think about it. Probably in several different ways. I can break my life up into different musics. Is “musics” a word? Beautiful 102, and the John Doremos Show The earliest music I […]

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