50 Degrees

I remember this one time from when I was a kid.  I don’t remember exactly how young I was but I was young…I hadn’t started school yet, I think, so that would’ve made me four.  Let’s say I was four years old. Anyway, I was four years old, and I wanted to go outside and […]

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Winter in Florida

It’s December in Florida, and I’ve been thinking about the weather more than usual.  I’m from Michigan, and I’ve been watching the weather back home.  The tv station up there has live, streaming weather cameras in a half-dozen towns, and they’ve been making me realize I miss home more than I thought I did. Winter […]

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The South…and Mad Men

I have a weird intersection in my head.  Southern Gentility meets 1960. I admit to an infatuation with / admiration of living in the South.  We can all agree that Florida is too far south to actually be The South, but there are some shadows of it hiding in the corners and garages.  I’m intrigued […]

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Nothing, Really…

So, today was another day. There are two more minutes left in it. By the time I post this it’ll be tomorrow…of course to me it’ll be today, but not to these words. Oo, creepy. Honestly, it’s May 28. Did the day have to start with a hard frost that appears to have killed our […]

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