Just A Little Bit More

I bought my car almost a year ago, and I’m happy as a clam with it.  Still, it was my second choice, and that’s actually a good thing, because I realize I did something that almost every other American right now does not do. You see, when it became clear that I needed to replace […]

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I Hate Money

(Disclaimer: This post fueled by Wild Turkey.  Wild Turkey, proving that throat pain IS a flavor.) I hate money, I fucking hate it.  It’s become a surrogate for life’s necessities — if that’s the right thing to call it.  I mean, there are necessities for life — food, water, shelter, safety, sanitation, etc.  But, today […]

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What a Difference…

…a year makes.  Here I am, just freshly turned 39 — yesterday, in fact. A year ago, when I had just turned 38…I went on vacation and suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning that put me in a Virginia hospital.  The effects lasted for a month afterward. My marriage was severely on the rocks.  We hit […]

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Fire Henry Paulsen

Fire ‘im.  Can his ass.  $350 billion (with a “b”) of my tax dollars are gone…simply gone; disappeared into the gaping maw of the banking industry.  Why?  Because Sec. Paulsen got his way, and got billions of our dollars, and got to spend it as he saw fit.  Out of $350 billion, did I see […]

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