Musings On The Season

And so it’s fall in Florida again. October…feels like a Michigan July. It always carries an element of surreality, the “changing” of the “seasons” such as they are in the nation’s hang-down. We had cool teperatures this weekend — lows of 57, and a high in the 70’s. It saw people opening their windows and […]

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What A Difference Seven Miles Makes

I’ve complain-blogged several times about the neighborhood we live in.  Well, after three years, we’ve moved…7.1 miles, into another suburb. It’s both a benefit and a curse of renting.  A curse, because if the landlord/homeowner decides to sell their house, we have to move.  Which is what happened in this case.  A benefit, though, because […]

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My God, It Actually Worked

So here I am.  One week from the last class in my MBA program — two weeks from walking at graduation.  And three weeks from starting my new job. My. New. Job. When I enrolled in business school, it was a leap of faith.  A big BIG leap of faith.  I read as much as […]

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