There Has Always Been Spam

I’ve laughed at the spam in my e-mail account before.  The English is atrocious, the claims are fantastic, etcetera.  These questionable vendors claim that their pills will cure my chronically flaccid thingy-dingy, make my hair grow thicker, lower my cholesterol — AND be cheap and affordable.  We treat spam like a virtual scourge.  Mail programs […]

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Tag Experiment II — Results

Wow!  This experiment was an unqualified success!!  On November 8, WordPress recorded a 100% jump in page views for my blog!! That is…I had one page view of my blog. And it was a spam comment. But I’m *saying* that it was a person drawn in by the softcore tags, in the hope of *almost* […]

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Spam Titles II

Special gift for her – your firmness — WAY better than a tennis bracelet. Good idea for lazy ones — Get a job? You’re a klepto, bastard — Wha?  Buh?  Me? And neither hear the rain nor give it thanks — …and this message WAS trying to sell me Viagra! This message sucks — YES!!  […]

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