Stupid and Aggressive

I’m not sure if I’m going to make it through the next year, here in Florida.  It’s the people…I’m not sure if they’ve always been like this and I just haven’t seen it, or if they’re actually getting worse.  There’s no polite way to say it… …They’re goddamn stupid, and violently, aggressively defensive about their […]

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What Not To Post. In Fact…Just Don’t Post.

The internet is a great place.  A free and open forum for the sharing of ideas and expression — a real, in-your-living-room, honest-to-God method for instantaneous communication with anyone on the Earth.  Anywhere.  Anyone.  Instantly. I give you…Twitter.  Facebook.  Also Myspace before that, and LiveJournal (remember them?) and Flickr and Yahoo and Photobucket, Youtube, Google+, […]

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I’ll Go Around You!!

Y’know something I hate?  When someone is stopped to turn left, and the car behind them almost goes around them on the shoulder.  Instead of just going around them and continuing with their day, (and letting ME go around as well) what they do is fade half onto the shoulder, and stop. I mean…they’d fit […]

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