I Hate Money

(Disclaimer: This post fueled by Wild Turkey.  Wild Turkey, proving that throat pain IS a flavor.) I hate money, I fucking hate it.  It’s become a surrogate for life’s necessities — if that’s the right thing to call it.  I mean, there are necessities for life — food, water, shelter, safety, sanitation, etc.  But, today […]

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Manager = Doddering Fool. Sigh.

It sucks when someone goes and proves something bad that you think about them. There’s a particular manager (not mine) in my department whom I’m fairly certain is a nice guy…but a complete, doddering fool as a manager. Clue #1 is the constant blank, lost-sheep look in his eyes. I suppose that’s not really uncommon […]

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I Am Generation X

I am not a Baby Boomer.  Please do not treat me like one. I could stop there and have summed up a whole lot of my take on generational dynamics.  However, I think it may be a bit lacking in substance. So yeah, I am Generation X — I was born between 1964 and 1981, […]

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June Thirteenth, Friday

Working where I work is like wearing Scotch-Brite underwear.  Irritating.  Uncomfortable.  Discourages any real exertion.  The intolerance here is epic.  Salaried professionals can’t set their own schedule because the nanny-police complain to management.  Management listens to the nanny-police, rather than telling them to get back to work.  Folks who talk are reminded of “Cube Etiquette.” […]

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Suck my Work…

…or something like that.  Today was an exercise in the sucktastic; the sucktacular.  Yesterday our team leader sent us an email — mostly he was the mouthpiece of our manager, our menopausal, bi-polar, cocker spaniel of a manager.  The gist of the mail was that “others” in the department had noticed none of us there […]

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MySpace, January 17 – 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 20 Deep Questions… Current mood: chipper This showed up in a bulletin from one of my friends. I thought I’d put it in my blog, rather than load it into the bulletin-shotgun and belabor everyone (that would be seven people) with it.Ultimately, I think this points out the embarrassing difference between […]

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